D-5 /Ground Floor ,WeWork ,Sikanderpur , 122004 Gurugram IN
Rack 37
D-5 /Ground Floor ,WeWork ,Sikanderpur , Gurugram, IN
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Buyer FAQ

FAQs for First-Time Buyer

What kind of product can I find on Rack37.com?

 Rack37.com offers a wide range of retail products that cater to the different needs of professional consumers with products ranging from branded, used, shelf, refurbishing, retrieving, and saving in many different categories.

Our product categories include Clothing & Accessories, Jewelry & Watches, Computers and Networks, Consumer Electronics, Wholesale Sales, Furniture, Tools and Equipment, and Storefront.


What value-added services do Rack37.com offer?

  • Management of the entire import and export process
  • Property tracking
  • Help with inquiries regarding international shipping arrangements
  • Detailed reporting
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Communication between buyers and sellers to provide neutral, impartial assistance in the event of a dispute


How do I buy from Rack37.com?

 Step 1: Register

Registering as a buyer on Rack37.com is free and easy. Just click here https://www.rack37.com/user/register to start the registration process.

We appreciate the accuracy of your information and the details you provide will be verified. If we need more information, our support team will contact you. Within 72 hours of verification you will receive a response confirming your membership.

If you have any questions about our registration or verification process you can contact us by phone at +918448440437  or email us at info@rack37.com.

 Step 2: Find For Sale

Browse our site by doing a keyword search from the search bar on each page, or by clicking on the categories below the search bar for more search options.