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Covid Preparation for apparel retailers with excess stock

Retailers in India have been hit hard during this corona virus phase. The lockdown have unleashed havoc and many are struggling with their stocked products and inventories. Although, the financial situation is far from severe, the government push on improving financial situation in all sectors has helped all types of enterprises in India. Yet, the calamity is not over.
Covid-19 continues to spread its reach. And the retailers can jeopardize the profits by not taking any action and hoarding inventories. The retail sector is vast, and retailing is done through different channels. Specialty store, departmental store, supermarket, discount store etc.

How to Sell Surplus Consumer Electronics

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A recent report by new electronics released data and statistics on the UK’s consumer electronic waste problem. Electronic waste is a global issue and has an impact on the circular economy, sustainability, and the environment. The improper disposal of electronics waste has also led to an increase in theft and criminal activity in harvesting parts and melting plastic.

How to Liquidate your surplus inventory |

Everybody liquidates their unsold, Surplus, overproduction, previous season’s inventories. All that matters is how you do it.

We bring to you a one stop marketplace, featuring your brand and your inventory exclusively.The platform is flexible and can accommodate diverse bases of inventories from various business……..

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Top 3 Signs of Excess Inventory Build Up

Many fashion brands are quickly establishing a multichannel sales approach—with a heavy emphasis toward online sales—while trying to maintain an even ratio of inventory to sales.This third sign—selling trendy clothes before they go out of style—has become a major issue as many shoppers are now buying through their phones at many different stores and are increasingly concerned about variety. This leads to retail……….

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Excess Inventory – Waste or Cash – Choice is yours?

In this world full of competition where survival at front foot is a big problem, then at back foot to get rid of the leftover unused and unsold stock is another major issue. When any product is being prepared it uses the same cost as the other product. When one part of the total stock is sold it brings an inflow of the cash but what about the leftover of other part of same stock which is unsold and unused having the same quality as well.

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